Monday, December 7, 2009

The power of the Lantern

Ever since i was a kid, i had this superstition that depending on the shirt i wore, it effected my day. i had a tasmanian devil shirt that i used to love to wear because, being a white kid in hawaii getting beat up all the time, it made me feel like i could fight back, and truth be told, that belief turned into me fighting back and standing up for me and others getting picked on.
Flash to the present (semi-pun intended)
my neighbor gave me this rockin green lantern shirt that glows in the dark. everytime i wear it, it makes me feel like everything is gonna work out. truth be told yet again, this psudo belief/self esteem turns into productivity and results.
i dont have a job, but im looking hard, and i today looked outside my current location (being not so strapped down as of the past year) and i saw some promising results elsewhere. so i need to update that peice o' resume, and email it out, and really pound the net pavement.
thank you green lantern, my psudo-nigh-personal jesus christ.

if only i had a Tick shrit >->;

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