Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I love the smell of UUDDLRLRBA Start in the morning!

I play games. I like playing games. I like playing games with friends. I dont really care for playing games with strangers. Why? Well. Take a look around the internet and I think your question will rapidly be answered.
But I sometimes play competative video games online with strangers. One of these, a first person type affair called Combat Arms.
But for the last few months... I've been finding myself wanting to play less and less, and sometimes even finding myself downright DREADING it as I type my password. but I play. because sometimes I have fun, and, being in an active clan, I should indeed join my clan mates in some fun. just good clean fun.
Now rewind this.
Let's probe this concept.
I see fun, at least within the rules of a game, as a balanced competition of your peers. Balanced meaning that the rules are there to not bend, for fairness.
Flash forward.
I wonder how many online games are ruined and brought down, and ultimately make no more money because of the community. It's not that the game is bad, because it really isn't, but the people who play this game... what if they treat it as a BURDEN to play it, and make you feel that, like them, you have to cheat. just to have fun. but wheres the fun there. because once you play a game without rules (Calvinball doesnt count, because thats just pure awesome, and i tried to play it as a kid) its no longer fun. its no longer balanced. no chalange. no reward.
i see combat arms on a battlefield of the wounded. the casualties of a war in which Konami codes and god modes and no clipping all exist. a war with no winners, only losers.
A war that was ultimately, just a long waste of time. A war among opportunistic and cheating strangers.

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