Saturday, December 5, 2009


i know most fans of Elfquest already know this, but you can actually read all the EQ comics online at their website.

Now. if you HAVEN'T read Elfquest, and you say you like comics (and i don't mean Garfield and Calvin & Hobbes) then youre doing yourself a major diservice by not reading these amazing peices of fantasy fiction. the story here is solid, complex, and an all around amazing love story. the characters in look are a bit dated (70's) but its very easy to look past the sideburns and bellbottoms to see the amazingly deep story beneath. i love this comic, and have since renting it from the library when i was a kid.
back then, i was really into marvel comics, and comics in general, so i'd pick up any sort of comic.
i implore you to read these, and purchase the hardcover editions. nothing short of amazing.

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