Friday, November 27, 2009

star trekin it

so. i watched the latest Star Trek flick. yeah. im not a trekkie, but my uncle made me watch it. im not much of a reviewer either, but im gonna try and offer my hand at this. my own interpretation. it was good. far better then i had imagined. the scripting was top notch, cinimatography fantastic, acting doesnt even need to be spoken for, special effects so well done that i barely noticed. i loved the nods back to the old series and sorta inside jokes (and im also glad there was no red shirt type jokes) and also, all the jokes in the movie didnt make me want to soak my eyes or ears in hydrocloric acid: intelligent and funny. horray. good job jj abrams.
but then i see it. i see my big complaint. and it happens early on, stabbing my pupils with its intrucive sharp edge: those lighting effects. my GOD calm down on the lighting effects, especially for lights out of frame. the worst being douring some dialog among our heroes on the bridge. theyre just talking. thats it. talking. but for some reason, all those lighting effects made me want to run in circles for how energetic they made me feel. i was getting seriously irritated. i dont think you could go 10 seconds on the bridge of the enterprise without one of these "special effects" rearing its ugly ugly head.
now, there were some scenes where they worked, and worked well. these sequances were called "action scenes." but to see these douring dialog, it did nothing but detract from the on screen character interactions.
so if you make a second ST film JJ, i beg of you: tone down the lights my friend.

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