Sunday, November 22, 2009

how i would have done it

How I Would Have Done... X-Men 3
(or, 5 things that killed the movie.)

. I'm no director or movie person of any kind, but this is how i would have done the X-Men movies. least the first 2 alone, they're fine (just minor picky shite... mostly with Sabertooth and Logan not having known each other. Logan not knowing him, OK, i could understand that... amnesia from his berserker rages.... but creed? no, creed would have known him.) No... I would have done 3 over.
1. Leave Jean dead. Simple. I know that, because it's a movie for not just fans, but for the movie going audience, they cant leave loose ends, but i say, screw it. loose ends can make or break a movie. so leave her dead, bring her back either at the end of the 3rd movie, or during the 4th movie.
2. Scott leaves the school. Jean is dead, so lets focus on Scott (Cyclops). Flesh him out more, and have him leave the school to sort f, soul search. He did it fairly often in the books, so why not here? this is also where i would bring up how he had to raise his brother by himself, and they lived in an orphanage and all that. He HAD controll of his powers, untill he got hit on the head in the fight. And you could also bring in his brother, and that relationship.... where they practically fist fight to the death.
3. a new villian. Don't get me wrong, i love magneto... although, why cant Ian Macellan do a German accent? i know he does it. he did it in another Brian Singer film, "apt pupil", so why not here? anyway. new villian. teh X-Men universe has so many to choose from, so why not one of them? id say, bring apocolypse. turn this into a two part type of film. where hes exterminating people by the hundreds in his genetic cleansing. then when it seems all hope is lost, bring in Pheonix.
4. Play down Wolverine. i know hes the big money maker here for Marvel, but seriously... what the heck people? too damn much. tone it down, let other Muties grab the spotlight. Colossus alone could have used more screen time. and why the world did they have Kitty falling for ice man anyway?
5. Bring in Gambit. Two simple reasons here: Bring in tension between rogue, gambit, and iceman. they did this anyway with kitty pryde, which i see as a waste of the characters. and secondly... bring in gambit because we all wanted him! hes not hard to do, just a lot of research and practice on the actors part. not hard.

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